Frequently Asked Questions

Dermatologists that offer dermatological services can register their accounts with us here and clinics can register here.

Fields with an asterisk are required information. We encourage you to fill out as much information as possible to show your clinic or services in the best possible light.
Find a service search allows users to narrow their search to dermatologists who offer specialized services like cosmetic dermatology or Mohs Surgery which are performed by a smaller number of doctors.
No, only dermatologists are listed on our site. There are many GPs that have a specialty in dermatology.
We have contacted all doctors who are practicing as a dermatologist.
All cities with a population of 5000 or more are listed in our database. We also add locations at the request of a dermatologist. If your city is not listed, search for the closest location. If you narrow your search by specialized services, you will see fewer cities as many cosmetic procedures are concentrated to large cities.
We simply provide a platform where dermatologists and clinics can showcase their practice and where patients can search for dermatologists by location or by services. We do not rate or review doctors.
If the dermatologist or clinic is a new practice, we may not have had a chance to make contact. The dermatologist or clinic may have opted out.
No, we only serve as a directory, and a platform to contact dermatologists that meet your criteria.
If you search for a dermatologist or clinic by province or by city, you will see all available search results that meet your criteria in alphabetical order. If you search by services offered, your results will show you dermatologists and clinics in your province first (via geo-location services), in alphabetical order.